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White House says Toyota 'fully committed' to Electric Vehicles

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White House senior adviser John Podesta told reporters that Toyota is "fully committed" to EVs after he spoke recently with Toyota senior officials.

WASHINGTON, May 2 (Reuters) - White House senior adviser John Podesta said Toyota Motor Corp is "fully committed" to electric vehicles after he met recently with senior company officials.

Podesta told Reuters reporters and editors in a roundtable meeting on Tuesday the Japanese automaker "had been the laggard" but was now committed to electric vehicles.

"I think they're going to stick with plug-in hybrids for a while, maybe longer than some of the other companies but they're fully now committed under their new leadership to electrification," he said. (Reporting by David Shepardson Editing by Chris Reese)

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I heard that Toyota's PHEVs are good enough to make you forget about EVs, it should be their strength in the coming years.
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